Biz Rant: Sears Taking On Netflix? Really?

According to a variety of articles, Sears has decided that the way to save their struggling business is to take on Netflix in a new video streaming venture. Really? Which Ivy-League educated C-level exec came up with this genius idea? Let’s be honest. Sears hasn’t been a relevant business for decades and somehow, the gang […]

Small Business Tax Break

Just a quick post about a possible tax break available for small businesses before the end of the year. Check it out. Tweet This Post

Wrapping Spring Rolls Yourself…

I just came back from lunch at the delicious Pho Convoy here in San Diego. While there I got to make my own spring rolls from incredible beef wrapped in grape leaves. Of course, my spring rolls were poorly constructed, had no architectural strength and generally failed in every areas that professionally put-together spring rolls […]

Lazy, Successful Marketing: Have Your Customers Do The Work For You…

Great marketers are successful for one very important reason: they listen to customers and convert that feedback into great marketing campaigns. The thing is though…anyone can do this in their business. When you talk to customers, do you really listen? Do you hear what they’re not saying as well as what they’re saying? Some of […]

Case Study: How To Name A Business…

In my experience, the best business names tell a story. Instead of just naming your company “Your Name” Plumbing, it’s best to think about what would excite and intrigue your customers. A great, great example of this is a Vietnamese restaurant I stumbled upon recent trip to San Francisco. My Father’s Kitchen is such a […]

Amazing Yelp Marketing Ahead…

I’ve talked about Yelp before.It’s my strong feeling that while Yelp’s sales tactics are abominable, small businesses can get a great deal of business from Yelp. Well, I’ve discovered a Yelp marketing superstar that I just had to share. Two weekends ago, my friend and I visited San Francisco for a “food-cation”. We ate at […]

New Video: The Linkery Spills Their Secrets…

I’ve just uploaded an interview I did with Jay Porter of the Linkery. This amazing restaurant has been doing some of the most unique, personal marketing I’ve ever encountered. In this video, Jay gives away the secrets of their marketing and things he’s learned. Enjoy… Tweet This Post

Is Etsy The Future?

I came across this fascinating and hopeful article on unemployed people using Etsy to make a living. Is this future? Check it out here. Tweet This Post

Stop Pretending To Be Mediocre: A Short Manifesto…

“Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” — Leo Buscaglia My mom didn’t love me. She was, however, clearly threatened by me. Years 0-16 were filled with a steady diet of Mom’s manipulations and mixed messages. Off-balance. Confused. This was how I felt around […]

Should We Worry About This Entreprenuerial Survey?

A fascinating article reports that the US is now ranked sixth in terms of entrepreneurial performance. Basically, due to the lousy economy, people’s view of entrepreneurship, and a host of other factors, the US is apparently behind Denmark and Canada. I’m not sure how seriously to take the findings or conclusions of the report but […]