The Rise Of The Passionate Fan: Why You Can’t Just Be “Good” Or “Average” Any More…

According to a fascinating Scientific American article, most people reviewing products or services online tend to either love or hate products. There seems to be very little middle-ground in these reviews. In fact, the distribution of online reviews goes against the standard bell curve that offline or word-of-mouth reviews would take. What does that mean for you?

“Ordinary”, “Good” Or “Average” Won’t Get You Reviewed…

You need to have a strong, passionate following to get people to boost you online. If your product or service doesn’t divide people, chances are you won’t get any reviews. The more your service or product appeals to a smaller group of fans, the more likely you’re going to get raves. The downside?

You’re probably going to get more negative reviews as well but then again, negative and positive reviews are better than no reviews at all.

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