Amuse Bouche: A Little, Unexpected Freebie For Your Customers?

A few weeks ago, I was in Palm Springs. I had taken my Dad out for a belated birthday dinner at a very elegant Northern Italian restaurant. A few moments after ordering food, the waiter brought over two small plates for my Dad & I.

“This is a little amuse bouche. It’s a treat from the chef.”

As we nibbled through the tiny dish in front of us, it hit me…this is marketing in action. It was confirmed when the waiter brought a sorbet out as a “palette cleanser” between our first and second courses. I hadn’t expected to get these little treats. It wasn’t listed on the menu. It was just a small little surprise designed to delight. And it succeeded.

I bring this up because it’s worth considering for your business. What can you give customers that’s free, unexpected and a delightful surprise? What extra amuse bouche can you provide? What small “thank you” can you give without expectation?

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