The Worst TV Ad Ever?

Sometimes, an ad is so perplexing that it not only raises questions about why it was made in the first place but what the company who took the ad does. The above ad is just such an example.

Where to begin? I’m not quite sure why there’s a CGI’d tiger or what Law Tigers does, except that they offer legal services for motorcyclists. To be fair, I’m not their target demo. I don’t own a motorcycle and am not really interested in getting one. That said, I don’t see how this ad yielded a single customer. This ad clearly has not and will never be tested.

One of the major changes in business we’re seeing is the gap between businesses who test and measure the results of their marketing and those who don’t. Going forward, if a business doesn’t test their marketing, they’re dead in the water. I can guarantee you that no one is testing the above Law Tigers ad. Of course, I’m open to being wrong but I highly doubt it.

The benefit of the huge leaps in technology that we’ve seen means that everything is testable. So start testing…everything!

PS Here’s another ad that clearly has not been tested.

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